About Us

Who Are We?

We are proud to inform you that we are ready to add value to you as the Geosms team, the pioneer of firsts, aiming to be the leader in service and success in the country of Georgia, which was founded in 2012, based on experience and infrastructure.

• The world’s and Turkey’s leading GSM operators and private gelişmiştiril software programs help companies and institutions and offer mobile services.

• All of our products are developed to respond to your needs and demands faster and easier.

Our Mission

The basic principle is to introduce, implement and implement the MOBILE MARKETING system, which is the fastest, cheapest and most effective advertising method to its customers, and to reach more customers and to bring the BUYER-SELLER together and to provide both BUYER and SELLER benefit, time and profit savings.

Our Vision

Adding new ones to the companies that have succeeded and want to win in the coming years is to become the only group that serves many countries in the international platform.