Clubs and sports centers can use bulk SMS system for their needs as the following examples.
• On the notification for sports events start date.
• On the notification for sports events results.
• Sports centers, clubs, members or supporters to communicate with them about the news quickly.
• On the notification for combined ticket sales and promotions for funs.
• On the notification for boards meetings and invations.
• You can send to Supporters / members congratulatory messages special occasion (birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.)

Example of use;

Operators or organizations have developed a variety of services, so scores of the matches can get your mobile phone via SMS.


Logistics and transportation companies can use bulk SMS system as follows.
• Shipping information for the notification to the sender reaches the cargo.Alpha
• Status notification sender firms contracted for balance.
• Is used to query the status of the sender or cargo cargo cargo area. Users can receive an automatic reply.
• Customers’ special day celebrations (birthdays, wedding anniversary, etc.)

Example of use;

Communication provides important facilities “Short Message Service”, which include cargo shipping companies in the world, offers a wide range of opportunities in providing information to its customers in this way. Shipping companies, the standard practices of its competitors, its customers via SMS information service offers different services.


The transport sector in accordance with the following examples use bulk SMS systems.
• Companies may submit service is canceled due to adverse weather conditions.
• Discount promotion notify the service.
• Confirmation of tickets for interactive applications.

Example of use;

Turkish Airlines (THY) passengers in order to improve customer satisfaction establishing a new communication link. The company canceled due to adverse weather conditions, particularly in some flight information, including the time information send a text message from their mobile phones to customers.
In accordance with the needs of the education sector can use bulk SMS systems in the following example.
• Student absenteeism and for the notification of results.
• Parent meetings for the notification.
• Congratulatory messages on special days (date of graduation, birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.).
• The courses are canceled due to adverse weather conditions for the notification.
• The school homecoming for notification of meetings and collaboration of the family.

Example of use;

College students can learn sms exam results.
After the introduction of the teaching staff notes that the system, the system sends an sms message automatically the results.


In accordance with the needs of the productive sector can use bulk SMS systems in the following example.
• Production of strategic importance in the field of installation and to keep track of important values to obtain via SMS.
• Interactive applications and production data can be queried in order to the owner, to send automatic replies.

Example of use;

Values for cable manufacturing machinery for the manufacture of cable running certain times when a company sends an SMS with the engineers and paves the way for the possible negative situations would intervene in an instant.

Press & Publication

Printed Issue in accordance with the needs of industry use bulk SMS systems in the following example.
• Subscribers to know promotions.
• To report new publications to subscribers.
• Interactive applications and to gain new subscribers.

Example of use;

Press Release homes having produced a new magazine, book, etc.. improve and speed up the sale of products, such as sending an SMS with the information and encouragement for being present.


In accordance with the needs of the entertainment industry use bulk SMS systems in the following example.
• Restaurant, bar, cafe and club, special meetings (drinks are new food, new artists, private parties) for the invite.
• Promotion to announce your prices.
• Reservation for interactive applications.

Example of use;

The operator places of entertainment for all of the organizations engaged in SMS advertisements.

sektorlere gore sms pazarlama tavsiyeleri


In accordance with the needs of the financial sector can use bulk SMS systems in the following example.
• The critical values of the stocks concerned to inform your customers.
• Individual and corporate credit history and the amount of the final payment to let you know your customers.
• The owner of a credit card customers card limit, available limit, spend the last period, the monthly minimum payment amount, last payment date for notification.
• Repo interest rates and other interest rates for the notification of customers who are interested.
• Interactive applications sorgulatabilir the latest status of the customer is interested in any shares, and to ensure you receive an automatic reply.

Example of use;

Bank announces loan rates and promotions using SMS systems.


According to the needs in the health sector can use bulk SMS systems in the following example.
• New for check-ups invite to announce promotions.
• To remind you of appointments for your patients.
• Your patients should receive periodic medication (diet etc. Other applications) to remind, to warn their passengers to control.
• To forward the results of the emergency laboratory.
• To greet your patients to get past.
• Interactive applications, in-patient information (patient’s condition, in which room, etc..), To question, to automatically send a response.
• Interactive application and inspection fees, etc. appointment time. make a query, it will automatically send a response to.

Example of use;

Serving the health care industry is a multi-hospital systems, promotions and special clinical bulk SMS appointment reminders for bookings uses the results of the assay.

Chambers of Tradesmen

Rooms bulk SMS systems, use the following example to meet the needs of trades.
• Membership dues payment dates for the reminder.
• Making a call to the meetings of the Board of Directors.
• Call the meeting to declare organizations as the special of the day.
• The needs of the members to declare an emergency.

Example of use;

Systems registered members of the association in many artisans room by announcing an immediate need for blood supply accelerates via SMS. Funeral birth and thus associated with such articles is provided communicated via SMS.


In accordance with the needs of the automotive industry use bulk SMS systems in the following example.
• Invite your clients to the new drives your models.
• Balance of payment to remind you.
• Maintenance service to remind me of the times.
• Service to make announcements of promotions.
• Maintenance of the vehicle and for the receipt of the invoice amount, to inform the owner of the vehicle.
• If the insurance operations, insurance expiration date, an addendum to and payment reminders.
• Interactive applications, care, condition of the car, the amount of maintenance can make queries, to automatically send a response.
• Interactive application of new tools price, stock, credit, and to query the properties of the vehicle,and system can automatically send a reply .

Example of use;

Hyundai’s new model introductions of many service systems using bulk SMS service company, announces campaigns.


In accordance with the needs of industry use bulk SMS distribution systems in the following example.
• Customers to announce new promotions.
• View new direction in the field personnel, for the transmission of information to the new stock.
• Interactive product-stock-for-money and save time with queries, as well as the operation and to reduce communication costs.
• Dealers new product prices, offers and reminders, make payment of the balance, dealers via SMS to announce meetings.

Example of use;

Drinking water distribution companies through interactive SMS to the customer’s requests from the clients to the nearest distribution channel, and in this way accelerate the product delivered to the customer. However, the demands of customers, distribution companies, industrial tubes passing via SMS distribution channels are decreasing distribution costs.


In accordance with the needs of the tourism industry use bulk SMS systems in the following example.
• Sightseeing tours to invite new customers, to announce promotions.
• Phonebooks new seat information, sales information, to announce the changing flight times and information.
• Balance payments and to let you know the dates of the last payment.
• Interactive applications and information about tours, or to question the installment payment amounts.
• Promotion to announce prices on Interactive applications and to make a reservation

Example of use;

Book tour promotions in the tourism sector companies that make bulk SMS systems provide benefits in terms of both cost and access directly to the customer.

Insurance Company

In accordance with the needs of the insurance sector can use bulk SMS systems in the following example.
• Vehicle insurance expiration date, and name appendix to notifications.
• To report due dates home or business insurance.
• Remind the insured to make installment payments.
• Health insurance policyholders, the advantages of the system to announce a new addition to participating health centers and provide them, as a result of any treatment to get past to convey your wishes.
• Interactive applications and the automatic answer to question any information on its own insured to ensure you receive.
Example of use;
Insurance companies do by calling the customer due date, and appendix, as well as SMS notifications alerting the customer’s name is time to stop trying to be the victim of bits insurance.