Standard SMS (160 characters)

SMS (Short Message Service in English) is the service of sending text messages written from a mobile phone to another mobile phone.

Chained SMS (max. 612 characters)

It is the service of sending the text with the size of 4 sms in a single message by increasing the standard sms of 160 characters to 612 characters thanks to the platform.

Flash SMS (Flashing and not falling into inbox)

With this feature, the standard sms sent to the receiver directly drops to the phone screen and can not be closed without reading. However, if the recipient records the received message, it will remain on the phone. Otherwise, it is automatically deleted and the message does not appear in the inbox. This service enables the sender to make more effective publicity.

Two-way SMS applications (Q & A)

With bidirectional sms, you can create query-response system and provide more effective communication with customers and field teams. Replying back to the messages you send may be useful in which areas;

  • Mobile Survey (Society and Life Analysis)
  • Mobile Voting (Submitting your support to any topic or person on the mobile platform)
  • Mobile Data Collection (Determination of customer requests, wishes and complaints)
  • Join-Win Campaigns (Winning and Sweepstakes)